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Sleep apnoea and asthma

Can sleep apnoea affect asthma. My asthma seems worse in the cold weather and in the last four months I have been treated for chest infections with steroids and antibiotics. This helps a bit but now I have a constant wheeze and produce horrible green stringy phlegm. The GP listened to my today chest and said I had a wheeze but no chest infection.

The reason I had an appointment to see my GP today was to get results of an endoscopy which showed a small hiatus hernia and now have Ranitidine added to my other drugs which include Omeprazole for gastric reflux.

I have been told that gastric reflux can be one of the factors that make asthma worse. One thing the GP said was that I may suffer from sleep apnoea and this could be a contributory factor in making my asthma worse. I have never been told that sleep apnoea can be linked to asthma but I have been looking online and there does seem to be some suggestion that sleep apnoea can make asthma worse.

Does any one have any knowledge or experience of sleep apnoea being linked to asthma and if so what treatment has been suggested?

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I would be interested to know. I am sure I have sleep apnea but no one has done anything for me yet. My dad has it and he has a machine at night that makes a difference but he doesn't have asthma other than a severe cat allergy.


Hi, i'm Mezz1 I have asthma,had it for36yrs now and was diagnosed with sleep apnoea in December 2014. I asked at my clinic if it was linked to Asthma,but they did not know. But I have a niece who is Asthmatic and also has sleep apnoea. I know that asthma is linked to womens hormones. Maybe we should do a survey to see what we find.

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