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Another bad exacerbation

Well, my time for a rant. Here we go again, felt like I was knocking on death's door, with what were first symptoms like aussie flu, infection and then severe exacerbation, peak flow low low, given antibiotic and steroids, and 5 days later and still coughing coughing coughing, changed antibiotics and more steroids. Phoned dr today, as steroids finished, and told to come straight into surgery, never been ushered in so quick to duty dr. Put on nebuliser as peak flow not rising, and more antibiotics and more and more steroids. Told to call dr out over weekend if symptoms worsen. Told to be back by 9 am Monday, for further follow up. Only 6 months, since my last round of this merry go round. Oh to be able to get up my stairs without a coughing fit.

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Hope you feel better soon! x


Thank you x

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Take care and get well soon! This winter has been the worst!


Thanks think I am turning the corner, on reducing steroids, and starting to feel a little better now.


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