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Can Hashimoto's thyroiditis cause asthma?

I am a non practising medic parents are doctors. This is where things get very frustrating. I have been diagnosed with autoimmune disorder a few months ago, hashimoto's thyroiditis and a goiter with a small nodule that is harmless. My thyroid function is normal, but I have a high volume of antibodies attacking my thyroid. Soon after I was diagnosed with asthma, and once I took steroid medication.. to no surprise it suppressed my immunity thus antibody count was back to normal. I have told my parents time and time again I truly believe there is a connection between the two.. but they are stubborn. They often tell me I overthink and am anxious, that I don't have chronic asthma, it was just a coincidence I have cough variant and exercise induced asthma. Somehow I don't think so and I think they are being indenial. Asthma is also a result of an overactive immunity, just like thyroid disorders. It is very frustrating they don't try to recognise this!!!!!! I just don't understand why they dismiss it. Has anyone else here had the same happen, diagnosed with thyroiditis and consequently discover they develop asthma too?

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ibet its related.i was diagnosed with vit d deficiency.had to have a shot of it then 2yrs later kept getting breathless.diagnosed with asthma after tests at glenfield hospital.i still don't know what type they discharged me.


Was diagnosed with underactive thyroid in my 40s take thyroxin 100 per day split 50 breakfast and tea ( if I take the full dose at once sends me haywire) diagnosed with asthma early 70s don't know if this helps you 😁


Hi there, my name is Dr. Jason K Lee, jasonleemd.com a clinical immunologist and allergist in Toronto Canada. I am currently studying this phenomena. If you'd like please find me on linkedin and send me your details. I have been collecting cases specifically of hashimoto's thyroiditis and asthma exacerbations.



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