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Hi everyone hope all doing well me back on another two weeks of antibiotics these lungs really playing up docs are still unsure what going on but covering me till I go rbh next week if get bed as there really busy I coughing and breathless all the time and no one knows y living on nebuliser a lot sorry for the rant x

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I hope they help. Xoxoxo

Me to they help until they stop again but hopefully I b in rbh and they take over and sort me out need a good shake. Lol

Glad to hear your GP is being supportive.


Tracey1972 in reply to Billygoat

Yea he’s brilliant but found out today he’s leaving in may retiring and two of the other top ones

Hi Tracy, everything crossed for you to get a bed in rbh. Hope your night not too uncomfortable.

Thank goodness for nebs.

Tracey1972 in reply to JanJan4

Well all I have done since I got into bed and my mountain of pillows is cough so far so not looking good so far but thank u hope u have good night I have asthma close mic in morning in local that’s going to b interesting

I’m sorry, but the end of your post made me laugh, a little. If that was a rant, remind me to never have one here! Lol. But no, anywhere there’s a support venue, as far as I’ve see, never apologize for speaking your mind. I mean there are no no’s but in usual cases. And I have a question for anyone who sees this, I know over here in the states we’re having a rough go of it respiratory wise. I don’t know about the US side of this community.. I haven’t checked recently. But on other pages I’m on, it seems like it’s just just just worse. What do you guys think?

Good luck for RBH and hopefully not long now. Very cold this morning so keep in the warm xxxx

So sorry that you’re having problems.

I hope you feel better soon

Hope they can keep you stable until they get you in hospital xx

I hope and pray you are better Tracey. God bless

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