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Vitamin E / Luteolin

One or two of you might have seen my earlier Post 'Caution Vitamin E and Asthma' on the below link.

Since that time, I've found the below Article concerning the 'Gamma Tocopherol Form' of Vitamin E, that appears on the UNC School of Medicine Website.

While discussed in the context of Paediatric Health, I think it's likely to also be of interest to 'Adults' with Asthma. (This has once more aroused my interested as to the possible benefits of this Specific Form of Vitamin E for Asthmatics)

There also appears to be several other thought provoking 'serious' articles related to the topic at the below links:

Another Nutrient that's caught my eye is Luteolin (not to be confused with Luetin). This is due to it being discussed in the respected journal, Nature, in the context of Mucus Control.

As I've not yet studied this stuff in great detail, I can't - at this stage - offer a personal view on the usefulness (or not) of these Nutrients, but hope someone finds these links interesting / useful, or (at least) 'food for thought'.

If you decide to use Supplements, don't forget to first discuss your intention with a knowledgeable expert, as Supplements can have negative as well as positive effects and may conflict with your current or future Meds.

Thanks in advance for any Comments - which I'll certainly read - but may fail to get round to responding to.

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Vitamin D3 turned my Husbands Asthma around, we will look into the GT type of vitamin E also, thanks Matman.


I’ve decided to try Gamma Tocopherols. My plan is to take two or three times a week, not daily, for a couple of months and to simultaneously monitor / compare my Daily Peak Flow Readings. I am also keeping a close eye on Blood Levels of cholesterol and triglycerides etc. It’s easy to underestimate the risks of taking Supplements and to overlook the fact that they can often effect the body to the same extent as strong drugs and interfere with current or new Meds prescribed. Need to treat them with great caution.


Thanks again Matman, will do some homework on GT type vitamin E.

My family members put a lot of trust in vitamins and minerals, they have cured us from all sorts, nutrition is the way forward these days. Prescription drugs we have no time for, they have only done harm to those in our family.

Take a look at 'The Great Statin/Cholesterol Con,' by Scottish Dr. malcolm Kendrick.


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