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Iodine (Trust Me I’m a Doctor)

A recent Episode of ‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor’ revealed that Iodine is something many folk are deficient in.

It mention some of the consequences of deficiency but, to my recollection, did not touch on Iodine’s importance to the immune system. (A significant area of interest for Asthmatics).

Major dietary sources are Milk (two cups a day, apparently) and White Fish.

Numerous other dietary sources can be found on the below web link (note, probably best / safest to stick to natural dietary Iodine and avoid Iodine Supplements unless sanctioned by a trusted and qualified adviser). The below quotation from the same Site, references the Immune System Benefits.

Another Site (WebMD) also very briefly mentions Iodine has antibacteria and antifungal qualities, though I don’t know if those particular benefits occur at normal - safe - dietary concentrations, or only at higher (possibly ‘risky’) levels.

Boosts Immune System

‘’...but it has other functions, including being a major booster for the immune system. It is a scavenger of free hydroxyl radicals, and like vitamin C, it also stimulates and increases the activity of antioxidants throughout the body to provide a strong defensive measure against various diseases, including heart diseases and cancer...’’


I know that Milk is a ‘produce’ some folk are convinced is dodgy for asthmatics (I’m not one of those that holds that view).

Thanks in advance for any comments / thoughts and, as ever, apologies if I don’t manage to respond, though I generally manage to read all responses.

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Hi dairy products aren't in themselves dodgy for anyone but they can and do make mucus thicker and harder to cough up. They don't create more of it though. The answer is to drink more water to thin it down and you will be fine. x

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Actually, I thought he did mention it's importance to the immune system.


Apologies to him / others if that was the case.


I am Allergic to Iodine so I have to be careful on what I eat. Because of this, it has had major impact to the heart procedures and scans I have had. I was diagnosed over 40 years ago with asthma.

Be Well


Interestingly, although I have had an allergic reaction to the iodine contrast dye used in CT scans, I don’t seem to have an allergic reaction to iodine that occurs in food. Certainly no problems with white fish, for example. I don’t get on with molluscs, not what I would call an allergic reaction but they make me feel rather unwell about an hour after eating them. I have had allergy screening for a number of foods (including blue mussels - definitely a mollusc) but they all came back negative, so I assume my issue with molluscs is more of an intolerance. It’s interesting to note though that my younger son (another asthmatic, now in his twenties and mostly symptom free so he hardly ever needs to use his inhalers) has the same problem with molluscs.


Was a great fan of Mussels until I recently learnt that many now contain micro beads of plastic ingested from our plastic polluted oceans. I guess you might still be able to get plastic free ones and that other molluscs may not share the same problem. I’m getting my iodine mostly from milk but I eat white fish once or twice a week too.


I've always had an odd relationship with dairy. In general, I tolerate it OK but eggs were always a bit of an issue. Any more than a couple over a few days & I'd be sure of symptoms. When I had my son (also asthmatic), he'd come out in a rash on his face every time he ate eggs. We decided to try free range - he never had a problem again.

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My mother in law, who didn't have asthma, was critically low in iodine and ended up in the hospital. She did major damage to her heart and lungs. If you've got asthma you do not want to risk running low in iodine!


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