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Can exercise help viral wheeze?

Hi, my asthma has been bad since November, 3 courses of antibiotics, prednsiolone etc. My chest is still wheezy but I got told no infection just tight airways and a viral wheeze. Can exercise help with this or is that a no no? Normally I am fit and active so i'm feeling so frustrated. The Dr has upped my salbutomol and I take serotide and montelukast . Thanks!

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I had to stop exercising whilst having roughly the same as yourself only from the end of November. I started exercising again at the beginning of this month and feel better for it. The instructors know how I’ve been, they keep an eye on me through the classes, a physio recommended getting breathless but in a good way, rather than gasping for air. I’m waiting for an appointment at the chest clinic, just because the attacks went on for so long. Have a go at exercising again, don’t go mad at the start and listen to your body!

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