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Reslizumab (Biological Med) Update

''....Reslizumab is current approved for intravenous injection, and Teva had hoped to win an expanded indication for subcutaneous dosing using prefilled syringes. Both of the new trials missed their primary endpoints: significantly reducing exacerbations in the first, among patients with uncontrolled asthma, and reducing oral corticosteroid doses in the second, which enrolled patients dependent on oral steroids to maintain control.....''



1. The term 'approval' used above, may refer to the USA, as the Quotation Source is, I think, American

2. Won't be able to answer any questions on this as I have little knowledge of Reslizumab (the Biological / Mab, in question).

Thanks in advance for any Comments / Thoughts - and apologies if I don't have time to make a personal response.

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Is it already used in UK ? If so - was it approved before the last trial stage? Also got some doubts about mepolizumab ( I am on the waiting list) as they are very similar.


I assume the new trials were specifically for subcutaneous? Pretty sure intravenous reslizumab did meet its endpoints hence its licensing and approval, but I presume they wanted to see if they could get a more convenient method of administration with similar efficacy.

Mepolizumab did show good efficacy with subcutaneous in trials.


Reslizumab has been approved by NICE for difficult Asthma & the 90 days after approval b4 prescribable should be up in Feb my consultant in Sou told me. ( I’m in Jersey) I have had 10 monthly injections of MEPOLIZUMAB & Altho my bloods are much improved, physically I have seen no change which is a massive disappointment as many people on it have seen a remarkable improvement. My consultant wants me to continue on MEPOLIZUMAB til March when I will have been on it a full year, when they will reassess its effectiveness. They are potentially starting me on Reslizumab instead. Problem is MEPOLIZUMAB is £840/month, whereas based on my weight ( heavy due to permanent steroids) the Reslizumab is approx £4000/month. Mmm.

REALLY hope it works!!


Reslizumab has been approved by Nice. I due to have my first lot this week. I was on Mepolizubab but after 7 months there were not enough improvement.


Hi! I’ve just seen your note that you were about to start Reslizumab 7 months ago. How are you getting on?? What are the side effects? I’ve had 16 doses of MEPOLIZUMAB now but my breathing is unchanged & now I’m trying to gently reduced steroids by Img/month as advised, the Eucinophils have jumped fm 10 for the last year to 340 in 2 wks.. Not the miracle drug I was led to believe, for me, at least..

I really hope you are getting in well.



Early reports about this drug are very positive

Also, there are claims that it is more effective because it is IV

Although IV can be a nuisance but the benefits

seem to be worth it


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