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Pred and infections

I have another chest inefection and i'm on my second lot of antibiotics, I will also be starting pred soon I'm trying to avoid it all together but not having much sucess. was just wondering if anyone else gets alot of infections when they take pred. I taper over a month and seem to be getting even more infections, just wondering what others do to help with your immune system.


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Anyone who has ever taken prednisolone knows that it has an endless list of side effects, so it’s perfectly possible that it is reducing your resistance to infection. If you’re noticing a correlation then a connection is likely!

However, if you haven’t already started this, I would be pressing for sputum sampling to see what the infections actually are, and then asking about further tests. Repeated infections can be a sign of a deeper problem (such as bronchiectasis or scarring). I’m not saying it is that, but if there is a deeper problem it’s better to find out.

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I'm only on pred if I have an infection - I'm sure it doesn't cause it. Apart from looking after yourself generally there doesn't seem much one can do until it works itself out. Call the asthmauk nurse for better advice than mine!


hi Chrissie

one of the side effects of pred is that it can make u more prone to infections, obviously not everyone gets this but I do.



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