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Any ideas of picking up earlier warning signs of an attack

I am lady in 40’s I was diagnosed at the age 12 I had chronic asthma all the way through my teens then I was quite well in my 20’s & 30’s I had the odd small attack but not needing hospital admission, in the past 3 yrs I have had 1 admission a year and they all start with a viral cold I do not have much immune system which doesn’t help either. After the first respiratory arrest 3 years ago I ended up in hdu then I had follow up appointments at the hospital changed to inhalers were made by upping my symbicort to the 200 not 100 added in montelukast also we put an action plan together we did loads of breathing tests etc to make sure I had technique then I do peak flows twice a day it was also discussed that once you have needed support breathing once it makes you more prone to needing this again so we need to work out the warning signs I had another attack the next year and we thought we cracked it I had an over night stay home on steroids antibiotics a few days rest back to normal it was the paramedic who listened to my carer at the time who gave him the history so when they arrived it wasn’t to bad but 10 minutes into the journey there I took a turn for the worst but because I was on the ambulance I got quick treatment and resus were ready to sort me out which we did but the paramedic said they were glad they listened to the history and took me when they did as I go down hill rapidly average warning time 15 minutes

I am just home from my third and worst attack I woke Tuesday morning I couldn’t breath to well had my reliever and called doctors finally got past receptionist saw nurse practitioner she prescribed antibiotics and steroids 30mg even though the hospital have asked them to prescribe 40mg that’s another tale for another day

So I left the doctors I started to feel the chest getting tight but had to go to the chemist to get the steroids so did that got home started steroids and nebuliser of salbutamol I then remember saying 999 the next thing I i knew was it had been 2 days had gone past I was in intensive care

I live alone I am disabled to do spinal injury I have care in part of the time and they sleep in at nights we monitor my breathing everyday routine practise so we can try to watch for some sign of things are going down hill and fast to clarify first admission 22 minutes from first symptoms 2nd admission 15minutes from first symptoms 3rd admission 12 minutes from first symptoms any ideas will be very welcome

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The best advice I can give is asthma.org.uk/advice/manage... This is the good standard of what to do. I suggest you also talk to the asthma nurse on the helpline Call 0300 222 5800 for independent, confidential advice from friendly asthma specialists 9 am - 5 pm. Mon-Friday.

Hope this helps


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