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Here we go again!

Ah the joys! Back in my favourite place again.

Had a brief trip to A&E 10 days ago and I've been on steroids since, I thought I was going to get away with staying at home but then the snow came!

I obviously got too confident! Even though I tried to be sensible yesterday my lungs had different plans!! Cue having to be treated at my placement (on a renal ward!) and transferred over to the respiratory hospital from there.

Much as I'm kind of used to this now I'm not particularly enjoying the fact that my attacks seem to be getting worse! I never used to have problems with my oxygen levels but the last 3 or 4 they've dropped pretty dramatically! And certainly this attack I'm still stuck on oxygen however many hours later (and its definitely needed, it accidentally got left off for a bit when I moved wards and everything went very downhill again).

Just what I needed with massive exams in a months time! Ugh rant over haha. Hope that everyone else is doing ok at the moment and keeping warm! :) x

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