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Post chest infection or asthma?

Hi all some advice please or others experience. I have had (or am having?) a long exacerbation following a viral chest infection. I have been having symptoms for nearly 10 weeks now and have had 3 lots of antibiotics 2 lots of steriods and my inhaler changed to Fostair 100/6 which does seem to be helping. I don't cough at night very much now but am still breathless and extremely tired. I have been to the Gp so many times that I need a season ticket and they always say the same thing, chest is clear and no wheeze carry on with the inhalers.

I try to explain that my chest still feels sore but not around the rib cage down the centre by my sternum and just either side and that I am still producing some phlegm although I don't think it is coming from my chest more from my throat but they are always quite dismissive.

I am fed up of going to be told the same thing but am worried the asthma isn't under proper control. How long does it take for the phlegm and soreness to go after an exacerbation? Am I just being an impatient paitent I have never been ill for this long so it is all new to me. I am just worried that the exacerbation isn't really under control and that it will all start again. Thanks

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Has you sputum been sent for testing I have been there to where it feels tight but no wheeze etc but they sent of a sample of what I coughed up and I was on the wrong antibiotics might be worth an ask if they haven’t done one or ask for a further one to make sure it is the same virus hang in there I am sure it will come right I am just out of hospital and starting recovery it takes time and rest but we get there in the end


By persisting with your GP

You should be able to get your asthma

completely under control at least 95% of the time

What do you call an exacerbation if the dr says that you have no wheeze

What are your symptoms?

By having a plan to scale up your meds when needed you can have a better quality of life


Thanks for the replies they are very welcome. PPxwoods I had a chest infection at the beginning of November and was given antibiotics and pred for a week. This didn't clear it and I had further antibiotics and pred a week later, this time the taper was much longer and I only finished the pred two weeks ago. My symptoms are a cough, a tight chest and SOB, with the SOB being the most prevailing symptom, although my cough comes back every now and again - I have never wheezed with asthma. The GP's and asthma nurse do not know what else to suggest as I have tried Montelukast, 2 changes of inhalers from Seretide 250 which I was on originally to Flutiform and then Symbicort and then back to Seretide. I don't seem to be allergic to anything but have suspected post nasal drip and reflux for which I am being treated. I produce quite alot of clear phlegm which I am only able to cough up occasionally but can feel in my throat.

I have been refered to a consultant as there is nothing more the GP feels they can do. My peak flow doesn't vary much usually between 350 and 400 and my oxygen etc is usually ok. I have had 2 chest xrays, an ECG, an echo cardiogram -all normal. Strangely, my husband who gave me the bug in the first place is still coughing, although nowhere near as badly and thats 12 weeks later so I suppose it could be a very stubborn virus.


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