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I am 52 and have been asthmatic all my life. For much of that time I have taken inhaled steroids and occasionally Prednisalone courses.

About three years ago I went to the optician for a routine appointment and they told me I was developing cataracts. They told me I was young for this to be happening and said it was likely to be the steroids I have taken.

I expected them to take about 10 years to really develop but about six months ago my eyesight fell of a cliff. I couldn't put enough lights on at home and I found the headlights of oncoming cars dazzled me badly, I thought I might need stronger glasses but it turned out my cataracts were pretty bad, particularly in one eye.

The good news is that I am now going for surgery which is quick and easy. What I would say though is that if you are asthmatic, get your eyes checked regularly.

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That’s really interesting advice. Thanks, & good luck with the surgery.

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Thank you. :-)

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Hi, same age as you and same problem! Had intermittent courses of high dose Prednisone over the years and then my asthma worsened about 5 years ago. Been permanently on Prednisone for last 3 years and in last year my asthma has got very brittle and I have had to have numerous doses of iv Hydrocortisone. My eyesight has deteriorated rapidly in the last 6 months in both eyes and the eye specialist, like yours, said I am young to have cataracts but definitely due to the steroids. The cataracts are both dense and in my central vision. Luckliy, due to have the first operation next week, if my asthma stays ok. Get your eyes checked regularly guys. I did and still came on really quickly between check ups!

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