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New to this forum

I’ve had asthma for the past 30 years, late onset when in my early 40s.

The majority of that time it has been well controlled using a preventer inhaler but this winter I have had severe problems following a chest infection.

The doctor prescribed penicillin. I have had penicillin several times over the years and never had a reaction but this time I was covered in a rash and had facial swelling.

A prescription for antihistamines sorted that out but the chest infection persisted and the asthma became a real problem. Eventually I was prescribed 5days of prednisolone and a change of inhaler to Fostair 200/6 and at last after 6 weeks am starting to feel like my normal heathy self!

I have found reading this forum really helpful.

My question is regarding the Fostair. I seem to be on the maximum dose ie 2puffs morning and night. Can I safely reduce this to one puff twice a day now the asthma seems to be controlled?

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Hi glad your feeling better but you really need to stick to the 2 puffs morning and night as prescribed as it’s doing it’s job that’s why your feeling better good luck 👌

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Hi & welcome :)

It's great that you're feeling well again - but sarahjane12 is correct that the asthma medication is designed to keep you well, so reducing it creates a risk that you increase your risk of becoming ill. Have a chat with your GP though, or nurse, who will advise you of the options & risks.


Like you most of the time my asthma is controlled to the point i don't feel the need to take 2 puffs of my Fostair inhaler so rightly or wrongly i reduce it to 2 puffs in the morning and would increase it during allergy season or when i was around my triggers.

This winter has been bad, one flare up after another now I'm on steroids and antibiotics so my new, new year resolution is to take my inhalers as i am told all year round. 2 puffs in the morning and 2 at night.

I hate asthma.


I'm also glad you are better, but don't reduce the one inhaler without discussing with your doctor. I used to cut back on the maintenance inhaler once I felt better then I would get sick sooner again. Indeed, there's a reason they are called MAINTENANCE inhalers!


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