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Help required

Hi everyone. I'm female aged 56 and have been using atrovent 2 puffs twice a day & serotide 250 1 puff twice a day. Plus 10 mg of monteleukast at night i was given a Salbutamol for when required.

I've been told by 2 drs and a nurse that atrovent and serotide should not be taken together. ( I was prescribed them both approx 15 yrs ago & have used those doses ever since) I've had an asthma review today, the first one ever & I've had asthma 34 yrs. My repeat prescription has never bee. Questioned or changed. I was under a consultant at hospital at one time who never questioned my inhalers. Now I'm worried what will happen to me if I carry on using them both together and if I don't!!! My peak flow today with asthma nurse was only 200 and she said carry on what I'm doing and go back in a month !!!!

Can anyone tell me what you would do and have you ever been advised the same.

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I would take them both, but a couple of hours apart. Sounds to me like she meant both at the same time. Just change your routine with them, you’ll still get the same benefit from them x


Hi thankyou for your reply. The nurse categorically stayed that I shouldn't have an atrovent and serotide inhalers at all just the serotide and salbutamol. I want to know why though

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I'd ask the nurse at asthmaUK. 0300 222 5800 Seems odd to have such contradictory advice, but fashions change as much in medicine as everything else. Mean while, I'd carry on as before. You've been ok all this time, so it can't be that dangerous.


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