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Is this asthma?

Hey everyone.

I'm 17 and female. For a long time, I've been having a high pitched noise at the end of exhale, and it mostly happens when I exhale forcefully and my mouth a little open. Or other times, it just comes on its own. This doesnt sound like a wheeze. I dont feel anything when I keep my hand over my chest. I feel it's more from the top of my throat.

Another thing, I have chest pains almost everyday after waking up. They are like a dull ache in the center of my chest and it feels so uncomfortable and tight, however it goes away once I start moving around and doing stuff.

One more thing I noticed was when I run, just about like a 100ms i feel like my entire chest and throat is burning, esp. when i play soccer. It gets too much to the point I have to stop playing. I can say I'm fit and this is not because I'm not used to running and exercise.

Sometimes I end up coughing up mucus after running, even though this only happens occasionally. I dont have allergies, but I've been diagnosed with eczema.

I've just wanted to know this cos it makes me really uncomfortable. Hoping to hear a few replies :)

Yours, izzy.

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Yes a wheeze at the end of an exhale is how it is with me, I've had asthma for 64 years.


You MUST see a doctor. It would be impossible to diagnose online and you may be worrying unnecessarily anyway. Best get some proper tests and medical advice.


Doesn't sound like asthma, but only a doctor can diagnose. Might be acid reflux and there are links between the two. In the meantime, get in a supply of gaviscon.


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