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Not convinced it’s asthma

Hi All, this is my first post though I’ve been reading all of yours for a while now. I was hoping you could offer an opinion. I had asthma as a child and I remember the symptoms of an attack. The asthma then settled and I was fine with no meds until I was about 34 (4 years ago). I was experiencing a sore chest, slight breathlessness, heart palpitations and dizziness. The symptoms do not follow a pattern and are not linked to exercise or going out in the cold. The symptoms last a few hours and then go away. I was diagnosed with asthma and have tried loads of treatments. I am currently on sympbicort 200 which I’m taking 1 puff twice a day. Taking extra puffs as a reliever when needed. Thing is when I am symptomatic, taking the reliever doesn’t help. My symptoms don’t feel like the asthma of my childhood so I’m not entirely sure it’s the right diagnosis. Does any one else get palpitations and dizziness as symptoms? I have been sent to cardiology and my heart is fine.

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Some of your symptoms certainly sound like asthma. When asthmatics have an exacerbation, the reliever won't always help, hence why so much of the focus of treatment is around preventing them to start with.

Speaking as someone with other health issues, I can also say that it is feasible for different things to bump into each other. I've also recently been referred to cardiology because of some (quite minor) valve issues, but also bradycardia & occasional irregular beats. These two things can cause some issues with light-headedness & breathing. It's worth remembering that the way we oxygenate our bodies is through the cardiovascular system; heart & lungs working together & a problem in one can affect the other.

What sort of heart tests have you had done?

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Hi Minushabens,

Thanks for your reply. When my symptoms started my gp sent me to cardiology where I had various ECGs, an ultrasound of my heart, various rounds of heart monitors for a week at a time and an exercise test. Nothing showed up as abnormal but I didn’t have any palpitations etc when I was wearing the heart monitor- typical really!

I think my main concern is that my reliever doesn’t work in the same way as it did when I was a child. I remember the instant relief of breathlessness and I just don’t have that any more. Thankfully the symptoms do come and go but have been bad for a few weeks following catching the flu bug that’s been going round.

Many thanks,



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