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Help me for my cough?

Iam living in a place like India where many dummy doctors are surviving with respect and money.coming to my problem by birth iam a allergy sufferer and main problem is horrible cough per hour I cough for 55 minutes that time I'm using antibiotics and got reduced and now my age is 27 iam suffering from breathing problem and cough no improvement seen in last 8 months and final I sent to a city they tested me and confirm allergy asthma first my doc gave me montek 10 by using 10days my breathing problem solved but cough is same and again I went to doctor said no improvement in cough and doctor prescribed me budamate200 inhaler for 2 months and I started with that last 4 days again my breathing problem occurred and cough is severe I don't what the heck is doing these doctors please help me bcoz I don't have any option I Lost my job and I have no money but doctors are playing with me somebody please understand my situation sometimes I feel like suicide bcoz my cough is unbearable.please help will that inhaler work for how many days

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Hi! It is difficult for us here to advice you, as we have a different health care system, and, seemingly, different names of the medications. Also, we are not doctors, but fellow sufferers.

However, whether in India or here what we have in common is that asthma is a complicated condition and each one of us probably experience it a little bit differently from the next person. So, you and your doctor need to form a team and work out together what works for you. We don’t all respond the same way to different medications, and your doctor can’t know how you will respond, so it is definitely a matter of trying different things until you find what works for you. So don’t give up on your doctor or blame him or her if you haven’t found the best medication for you yet.

I am sorry to hear you have lost your job (no job protection?), and I understand that makes it more difficult if you have to pay. I wish you the best with it all.


Hello as Wheezycat has said we are not doctors.

I have allergies and I find that when my asthma is worse antihistamines help with the allergic reaction part, but I still need the asthma medication. (I've had allergies for many years and asthma for over 10 years). Avoiding the allergens as much as possible helps. Some people wear a mask to minimise the number of allergens inhaled. It helps to know what you are allergic to so that you can avoid it as much as possible. if you have an infection as well that causes a lot of inflammation which can take time to settle down. So do stick with the doctors and work in partnership with them.

Hope you feel better soon.


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