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Coughing and steroids

I have coughed for years, just been diagnosed as asthmatic. I have tried steroid inhalers but they make me worse. Oral steroids work but I don't want to take them long term. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Were the inhalers you tried dry powder or the aerosol type? I seem to react to the propellant in the aerosol type so I have dry powder ones. Just a thought!


Agree with the other reply, however the thing is, if you are using an MDI, (not powder) you should be using it with a spacer. You can get one from the the pharmacy. This can be very helpful.



I have tried both and with a spacer. I don't necessarily cough when I am taking it, although I can do but I cough badly a day later. So bad that it's not worth putting myself through it. Thank you for all your suggestions. What does help as a crutch is codeine linctus. Very addictive as it's morphine based so I only take it when I am desperate and I have something special to do for my work which involves standing up in front of people!!


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