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Medicines for children with persistent coughing

Hi, my 7yo daughter is on montelukast daily and either clenil modulite or symbicort turbohaler twice daily too (different gps given different meds). Ventolin too. She has no symptoms most of the year then 2-3x a year has persistent coughing, struggles for breath, crackles and slight wheeze. Ventolin doesn’t seem to do much. Three weeks ago we got prednisilone but dr was keen we didn’t rush to take it as chest sounded clear and oxygen saturation good. We took it after a day of symptoms but now we’ve had another 4 nights endless coughing and School won’t take her. Seeing GP about meds again but any ideas on what might work? She’s on them year round but when she gets asthma with a cough/cold nothing seems to help. Thanks

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my son is the same, he's been asthmatic since he was 1, he's 15 now for the last 3 years, he has had a persistent dry hacking cough, all day and night, he's on so much medication but nothing touches this cough, he's now on his 4th day if prednisolone, he's still coughing! His chest is clear too its a nightmare, he's missed so much school.


Thanks for replying, let’s hope the coughs stop soon for both of them!


we're also trying reflux meds, plus all the med your daughter is on, he's been referred again because gp, doesn't know what else to do!

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