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Recovery after Pneomonia & sepsis

I've returned home from hospital after going in with pneumonia & sepsis, My blood pressure was so low I had to have a strong medicine that if it didn't work the next step would be a life support machine. Thankfully it did & I was in Intensive Care for 5 days.

I've been told it'll be a hard 6 week recovery by Docs.

What I'm concerned about is what damage would have been done to my lungs.

I have an appointment at Heartlands hospital mid Feb to see if there's anything they can do for my brittle asthma.

Thank you for reading this.

Happy & healthy new year!

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Hi 84051oi hope your ok I was rushed in hospital in November 2016 with life threatening asthma didn’t know I had I ended up getting put in a coma for a week ended up getting pneumonia and sepsis it took me a long time to recover especially mentally I smoked at the time but haven’t since but all people are different hopefully u have a quick recovery good luck and get better soon


Thank you Sarah Jane, docs have said it will take 6 wks and will be a hard journey but feeling a bit better every day. Hope you're keeping well 🙂

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Awwwww just make sure you rest and am good thanks x


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