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Chest infection with Asthma?

Hi all me again,

I have recently been in hospital with asthma and came out earlier in the week.. Since ive been out ive had a chest infection that has just got worse and worse. I have literally been bed bound since wednesday feels like bad flu. My peak flow is at 200 normal 460, very wheezy and if i get out of bed breathing is hard.. Managed to drag myself to out of hours where i had a high temp and diagnosed with chest infection and given 7 days of antibiotics. Dr wasnt interested in peak flow.. Does it not count when you have chest infection?

So my question is could asthma be aggravating this? At the risk of sounding dramatic i feel like im dying lol. (Ps had flu jab but maybe i have a different strain)


Mel xx

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Hi Mel,

Not sure if asthma can aggravate the infection but asthmatics do tend to find flu and chest infections affect them more - I thought it was the infection setting off the asthma as even a cold can mess with mine.

Maybe OOH dr was forgetting about the asthma side which they shouldn't especially aftsr a bad attack. Do you have pred etc to cover the asthma? I often feel rough after attacks and coming out of hospital (very hard to.sleep which doesn't help) so that may be contributing plus breathing can be tiring in that state. Do you have an asthma nurse or someone you can talk to to make sure your asthma is being treated the best it can be during this?

Hope you feel better soon!


I have just took my last dose of pred but have a rescue pack if i need it. Unfortunatly i havent been given any info for an asthma nurse, just waiting for an appointment to come through...

It probably is the asthma making it feel worse, hopefully the antibiotics kick in soon.



Without being a nurse/dr or giving medical advice I think the rescue pack may be needed as the infection will probably be kicking everything off! Could try ringing Asthma UK again on Monday and seeing what they think, though they have usually told me you need to stick with the pred until you are feeling better. Or do you have a GP who seems good with this (think you mentioned on another post you had one who seems ok - phone appt maybe? They could advise on pred and upping any inhalers short term.

Did they tell you how long to give the antibiotics to see if they're working? I guess if it is viral they won't be, but at least gives you an idea of when to go back if you have to. Hope they kick in soon!


Think i will give them a ring about starting the rescue pack if im no better tomorrow.

They said if i was still ill monday to make gp appointment so will see then

Thankyou for your advice 😀


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