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Help! Asthma +

So I had my flu jab as recommended but unfortunately got the flu anyway. I have recently been diagnosed with asthma and it seems to be rather sensitive at the best of times but it really doesn't like the flu... I'm not sure what I can do or take!

Even more unfortunately, I suffer from Costochondritis as a result of my asthma and that has decided to flare too and I am unable to take Ibuprofen and am also allergic to codeine - so if anyone has any advice on this it'd be great!

(My GP is closed until Monday so over the counter or home remedies would be fab!)

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I like a hot water bottle when my chest is sore. But if you are struggling you should phone 111 and get professional advice.


Hi Kay,

Sorry to hear you also are suffering in your chest. I think the flu vaccine with mutating, genetically modified viruses have a lot to answer for this winter!

Have you tried breathing in the steam of herbs such as thyme, sage, oregano, cinnamon, cloves, lemon peel, himalayan salt etc? These help to kill a lot of respiratory infections if done regularly.

Also eating raw onion and garlic in salads with dressing can help a lot, alongside herbal teas such as lemon, ginger and honey, or milk boiled with turmeric, ginger slices, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, cardamoms and with honey added afterwards.

Antibiotics only help with bacterial infections so viral infections we have to sort ourselves by boosting our imune system and helping to kill as many microbes as possible.

Onion slices in rooms as well as on feet in socks are supposed to help kill microbes. Frankincense incense burned in the house or the oil in a cold diffuser help to also clean the air. Other good oils include lavender, oregano, lemon, thyme, sage, clove, cinnamon etc.

Using olbas oil on our throat and chest also helps to kill bacteria and viruses in our airways and expand them.

Taking daily supplements of vitamin D3 of about 4000iu and Vitamin C 1000iu plus Magnesium 400 to 750 mg plus in smaller amounts- Zinc, Vitamin E, K2, Iron and Selenium- and foods rich in all these all should help the immune system to be stronger.

Salt baths with Magnesium flakes, Epsom salts and himalayan rock salt plus some antiseptic and/ or calming anti inflammatory oils should also be beneficial!

I have been using all these as we have a flu virus in the house at the moment and I have had a chesty cough (phlegm in lungs) practically all the darker, colder months. Cant wait for the sun to shine on us!

For peace of mind I may insist on a chest x-ray for myself, although I have no pain or other symptoms apart from phlegm in my chest. I think it is just asthma and deficiency of D3 mostly. Your lung pain is something you should keep aware of, although it could be from just coughing a lot. Coughing up blood is a bad sign and then an x ray is definitely advisable.

I hope this is helpful!

Best wishes and prayers for a quick and complete recovery of your good health and strength,



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