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My feNO is 115 - Not responding to treatment - Help

Hi there. I a, 22 and had no symptoms of asthma until I contracted Hospital Acquired Pneumonia 15 months ago after an operation. Since them Ive been in hospital with pneumonia 3 times the latest being around 8 months ago but often am wheezing or struggling to breathe

Im under my local asthma clinic who have tried steroids, antibiotics, blue and pink inhalers in various doses but today my inflammatory levels were even higher at 115

I have dysautonomia , POTS, EDS and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Im certain these are playing a part in why this isnt being controlled and asthma is a by prodict of them in some way

Today the nurse mentioned inflamatory COPD but said I was too young. I also know that collogen issued caused by EDS can affect the way in which my lungs clear mucus but my understanding is that things like fibrosis would see low feNO levels

Its really frustrating as Im now waiting to be referred to a consultant rather than a nurse lead clinic so in the interim Im wondering if anyone can shed a light on just how high these inflammation levels are, why they wont come down and what I can possibly do to help alleviate symptoms

Hoping someone has some ideas


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Hi Alison,

Sounds like you have a lot going on. Do give our Asthma UK specialist nurse team a call on 0300 222 5800 (M-F, 9-5) they will be able to talk through your symptoms with you and provide advice and support.

Hope that helps,



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