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Nasal Spray

Just picked-up a repeat prescription from my GPs for a Nasal Spray - Mometasone (50micrograms). I always use the same pharmacy and have been dispensed 'Nasonex' against the previous 2 prescriptions. Now they say they cannot dispense 'Nasonex' and have given me 'Mometasone Furoate', which they say is the same. I have had this type of nasal spray before and do not think it gives the same results. I am told 'Nasonex' is too expensive, it costs £7.00+, were as 'Mometasone Furate' costs £2.00 ish. The pharmacy says I cannot have a 'Nasonex', just where do I stand with this please?

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They are telling you the truth, Nasonex is just a brand name, as Panadol is to paracetamol.

it’s the same product inside the packaging, it just costs the NHS less to provide it.


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