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Pneumonia back?

I came out of hospital on 27th Nov 2017 having had chest sepsis and pneumonia. Today I had to go back to my gp because I got cough,phlegm,temperature,shakes plus collapsing,dizzy spells,palpitations, visual disturbances because of AF. I checked out ok apart from the usual chest infection for which I was prescribed Amoxicillin. But then I had to remind the gp that I needed extra prednisolone as I am on a maintenance dose of 10 mg daily. I then had the "by now getting fed up withit" why are you on maintenance dose,when did you start presnisolone,when did you start maintenance dose. Thank goodness I still carry my Blue Steroid cards that date back to 1969. I dont think the plain white slips of paper issued these days are half as prominent. Some gps have said they were not born when some of my blue cards were issued.

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