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A Newbie

Hi All,

Firstly a very happy 2018 to everyone, I've been reading a few of the comments on here for a week or two now as I was recently diagnosed as having asthma.

I'm kind of managing but have had a couple of "episodes" mainly during the night where I have woken up short of breath, tight chest, sweaty etc but have managed to calm myself down and given the blue inhaler a good go!

Some background, I am 46 have been a light smoker for about 20 years or so (5 or 6 a day) but did quit when I was told I had asthma (only a couple of weeks I know but got to start somewhere). I have all but stopped exercising although I intend to have a light run this week as I seem to be so short of breath just walking these days. I've always been active (running, football, golf etc.) although my diet has been garbage the exercise helped me keep relatively fit.

I have been given a duoresp spiromax 160/4.5 and of course have my blue rescue inhaler, I take the duoresp twice a day (one puff each time) and the blue as and when. Should I be using the blue inhaler at all? I tend to need it probably around 6/7pm each day, I feel fine most of the day but short of breath normally when I get in from work. I've also read quitting smoking can make you more breathless than usual so am I just over worrying?

I also had 2x ECG scans & chest xrays (about 3 weeks apart) prior to being told I had asthma and they both came back fine as did my bloods, doc isn't concerned about anything heart related so do I just need to get used to the whole asthma thing and how I manage it?

I take peak flow readings twice a day and have done for around a month, they started at 500 in the morning to about 580 on an evening prior to starting on the duoresp since then they are around 600/630 which seem high.

Am I just over thinking and worrying about everything? I really just want to get back to what I would describe as normal.

Thanks in advance.

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Sorry I meant to add my GP suggested taking two puffs twice a day with the Duoresp but the pharmacist one twice a day, I've gone with the pharmacist as I tried 2 the first day I used it and it felt like my heart was going to leap out of my chest after my night time dose.

Should I go back to two? I've just had/have a cold and have found myself using my blue inhaler twice during the last two days and just before bed.


It might take you a while to get used to the different life you have now. It is true that smokers, however light, struggle for the first month or so, which is why many go back to it. However, if you give in, life will be much, much worse for you long term. The cold and other bugs are also quite usual when you've given up smoking. But cheer up! it gets worse before it gets better, but it will get better. You'll have to be patient. Don't get hung up on the peak flow thing - it is only one indicator and generally you should go by how you feel. If you feel poorly and your PF is significantly down, see your GP.

Once you have got into a routine with your preventer inhaler, you shouldn't need the blue one so much. The blue one won't do you any harm, but you don't want to come to depend on it. If one puff of Duoresp twice a day works for you, stick with it but if it doesn't have another go at two.

You may find that cold air makes you cough and then feel breathless; if so, wear a scarf over your mouth outside and do your exercise in the gym. I could tell you all the usual stuff about diet and exercise but you know that anyway! Have a good read of asthma.org.uk. Loads of good stuff on there. Good luck!


Thanks for the reply, I know your'e right it just takes a bit of getting used to. I went back to 2 puffs last night and this morning so we will see how that goes, I'm not tempted to go back to smoking, no way, the shock I got waking up during the night unable to breath will stay with me and ensure I don't.

I think I'm stressing myself out with all these chest pains/arm pains/shoulder pains etc. I'm getting, I've been checked out so I know my heart is fine I just need to relax more, as the doc said if it was my heart I wouldn't be here 2 months later!

I'm due back at the GP end of Jan for a review.


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