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Happy New Year everyone

I started spriva just before Christmas and I think it is going to work well for me. My morning peak flow is up by at least 50 (was usually around 250 now usually over 300) and I think I have more control through the day too.

I’m wondering about side effects tho and how long the last. Headaches, not thinking clearly, slightly fuzzy eyes. Will these wear of as I get used to it? Or could they be unrelated?

Also what order should I take meds in - today I did relvar, spriva, zafillukast, calcius, then an hour later fexofenadine and ranitidine.

I am back to see the asthma nurse in a couple of weeks.

Hope everyone is well as possible xxx

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Morning. I too found Spiriva made a big difference to me when I started it a few years ago. The side effects wore off after a few weeks, or maybe I just got used to them?

You should speak to a professional about drug order, pharmacy excellent for this type of advice

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Thank you for getting back to me - good to hear that the side effects don’t last too long, fingers crossed. Still surprised by how much better I am breathing.

I ll ask at the pharmacy next time I’m in about drug order. Wish I was on less stuff, it gets confusing what to take when (and have I taken everything)


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I tend to take fexofenadine with my thyroxine about 30 minutes before food and then take calcium after I have eaten as it doesn't settle well on an empty stomach with me. What advice has the pharmacist given you?


Hi, I finally got round to talking to the pharmacist and they have said I should just take all my morning meds first thing then wait an hour ( for the zafirlukast) and have my breakfast... so much easier, wish I had asked years ago!! If the calcius bothers my stomach - which it doesn’t seem to, I should take it with my breakfast.

I am finding this so much easier!! Xxx

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