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Hello, newbie here

Hi there, I was diagnosed with late onset asthma in my early 40’s following a bout of bronchitis, now 62 and just discovered this site.

My asthma is usually managed and normally I can go to exercise classes after work, however, following a chest infection at the end of November (two lots of antibiotics and one lot of oral cortisone) have been struggling to breathe & sleep since. Ended up in A&E on Boxing Day, then surprisingly got to see a GP the day after!! Had inhaler changed from Symbicort to Fostair, which is easier to use, but still using Ventolin multiple times per day. Dreading going back to work tomorrow as not easy to whip my inhaler & spacer out to use. Sorry for the long post, but thanks for reading. Wishing everyone a healthier 2018.

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Hello I am fairly new here also but my story sounds very similar to yours. Late onset asthma at 30 now 55. My asthma is also very well controlled usually, I use seretide 250. Chest infection at the beginning of November, 2 courses of oral steriods which I am tapering from at the moment and three courses of different antibiotics. Nothing seem to be working and docs have thrown all the add on meds at me that they can montelukast, carbonisteine,omoprazole you name it I've had it, nothing seems to work.

I have been breathless and coughing (and not sleeping) now for almost 7 weeks and it is driving me mad. I have also been to a and e once but as I was not wheezing and my stats were good they basically sent me away - what did they do for you? Have been refered to the chest clinic although have no idea how long I will have to wait.

All I can think is that the underlying viral infection, which I caught from my husband, who is still coughing 9 weeks later and is not asthmatic, must be a very nasty one.

Hope that the new inhalers work and that you are back to full health soon

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Hiya, at A&E I was given intravenous steroids & antibiotics, blood tests & chest X-ray. Bloods & X-ray clear, however, I was rushed out quickly (been there just on 4hours) with a prescription for steroids, but the hospital pharmacy was closed!!! I’ve got an appointment on 19th Jan with Asthma Nurse. We shall see what happens. Fingers crossed we all improve soon.


Hi there

I was diag asthma in my late teens - generally dont even have to take meds all year until Sept-Mar.

Got cold/chest virus on 7 Dec, it took 4 appts (2 our of hours and 2 my docs) to finlly get confirmation of infection (clarythromycin abs) - yet knowing i have asthma, v angry about that.

2 courses steroids - then got ill again on Boxing day. Fever, etc

On Day 4 of ABs, but going to go back to my doc tomorrow as still struggling. Wheezing, shortness of breath etc. Im 48 now and this has been the worse bout ever had, although waas ill last xmas too so definitely a pattern emerging.

I hate it :(

My husband also had virus since 2 dec (x1 course amoxicillin, done nothing), he is never ill! So yes must be a bad year

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gingerbiscuits sounds like you were well looked after wish they had been that thorough with me. Hope work is OK tomorrow

Borderbob17 Glad to see you are still around and didn't end up in A & E. My husband is never ill either this is the longest illness he has ever had I think.Sounds like you need stronger or at least different antibiotics and maybe more steriods -yuk. Another trip to the doctors tomorrow I expect I shall be joining you although there doesn't seem much more that they can do for me.

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Just remember antibiotics don't help a virus ...


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