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worried please help

so i had a spiometry done my docs say i dont have copd but im showing sighs of asthma iv been breathless on and off for a year thinking it was just anixty due to triggers every time iv had my chest checked its been clear nothing on it and i dont get chest infections that much iv had a wheeze on and off but from my throat not chest and when iv have they checked me nothing on my chest and then told on Friday my docs told me now i have to wait till Thursday to see nurse to see my results for asthma which look likely my anixty is throw thew the roof im not sure if im feeling breathless due to anixty or asthma all this year. im worried my asthma not controlled people keep telling my doc wont just leave me with a blue inhaler if it was not safe im just so worried i was told all year it was not asthma my chest was clear there no wheeze and chest xray was clear and oxy was good now im being told the ops im do worry it been leadted over a year now every time i feel it i get upset cause they both feel the same there has been a few time i been out of breath out of the blue which made me think its more then anixty but scares me to think asthma cause i got got told no and and now what is this breathing issue im feeling now on and off and and one time that was really bad was waiting for dinner it just came on once i was panicking but it did go when i ate and layed down it went away it worse could they had been asthma attacks then i didnt think anything but now im thinking of what iv been told this is making rethink everything from this year few nights woke up with a tickle which made cough now im not sure what im feeling iv been feeling all year anixty and asthma or just one it felt like anixty but sometime more but i just hope this asthma not badly controlled i hate nighttime and i cant cope in day i just feel it and now i panic its asthma not anixty sorry for long post my breathing feels better when im lay down somtimes im so scared somthing will happen

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You certainly seem more worried than asthmatic, and I have a history of chest pains caused by anxiety as well as recently diagnosed chest tightness caused by asthma and fixed small airways obstruction. It's possible to tell the difference if your airways improve with Ventolin when they do the spirometry - that means you have asthma and you can treat it. It's good that you don't have COPD, and your asthma seems to be relatively mild if you only need a blue inhaler. Don't forget, there is a very broad spectrum of asthma symptoms - for instance, I don't wheeze and have never had an asthma attack. A lot of people on this forum have anxiety as a result of an asthma diagnosis - I've had anxiety for 40 years, but only diagnosed with asthma 2 years ago. If you're worried, you should see your GP about BOTH the anxiety and the asthma; you're entitled to a holistic approach. Have a good New Year and try not to worry too much; you're in good company on this forum.


Seems from what you are saying that anxiety might be the root cause of your problems , and the first thing to get to grips with . I would start by learning about anxiety . There must be lots of information online , and start work on overcoming it , which in turn may need medication - but the first step is to educate yourself so you know how to proceed .


I agree with Griffon -you are working yourself into a state on the slimmest of evidence. If you get your anxiety under control, your lungs will improve.

Wait until you have calmed down, then see your GP about the asthma diagnosis and take someone with you to listen to the advice.

It can be done! Honest!


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