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Cold and cough virus/infection/asthma attacks


Four weeks since started cold and cough, upped seratide and ventolin.

GOt infection, clarythromycin script - 2 weeks steroids which worked, then had 2 good days and got infection, wheezing bad and wondering if to take Brown preventer instead of seratide which i dont think works as well?

Feeling on edge as feel attack could happen at any time... the blue ventolin makes me so dry and hoarse which exacerbates again

So fed up, xmas wiped out and 2nd year running now :(

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Oh do I know how you feel! Christmas was a complete write off this year.I felt rubbish and so did all the family as I kept them awake coughing. My poor husband had to deal with the breathlessness and panic attacks in the middle of the night because I couldn't breathe. I've had a cough virus which I got at the beginning of November. Two lots of steriods, three lots of antibiotics loads of add on stuff still hasn't shifted it.

I take seretide- it has a long acting broncho dilator in it so more than just the brown inhaler so should really work better than just the brown. I know what you mean about the ventolin makes me so dry. If I actually get any sleep which is rare at the moment, as I am coughing all night and having to use my blue inhaler my mouth feels awful.

If you feel bad there is always NHS111 to ask for advice I wouldn't hesitate if you feel an attack is looming. Hope you feel better soon.


Thanks for reply - on New Years Eve!

Clearly not alone in this situation.

Will keep with the seratide.

My mum is sitting with me tonight so hubby can take very bored daughter out to friends. Just dont want to be alone incase of attack.

May got to out of hours tomorrow


Oh I do sympathise. I haven't wanted to be on my own at all over the last few weeks. Very unlike me as I enjoy my own company! Won't let my husband out of my sight and if he has to go anywhere I get my daughter over to 'mum sit'. I feel like a complete idiot sometimes but it is so scary when you know that an attack could happen at any time.I'm dreading it when they all go back to work but I shall just have to face up to it.

Lets hope we have a decent night and no a & e.


Oh also, do you own a nebuliser - does it help or to inhale steam??


Yes indeed, you too.


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