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Help - post attack

Hi all

I had an asthma attack last night (I think!).

I was staying at brother's house looking after his dog (always slightly triggers my asthma but usually just makes my lungs a little itchy). He's just moved into his house and there are boxes everywhere (DUST) and night storage heaters up full blast (didn't know how to turn off).

Anyway, I fell asleep on the sofa and woke up at 2am super hot, heart pounding, fast shallow breathing that I struggled to get under control and I felt really sick. I struggled to even take my ventolin at first due to the panic I was in. I ran my wrists under cold water and opened a window to cool down. I have an apple watch which has an app called "breathe" which I love as it helps me focus my breathing, took my ventolin and tried the app a few times and eventually it slowed down.

I couldn't lie down as this made it worse again so I sat up until 4:30am and then felt well enough to lie down! Slept for 5 hours and once I got out in the air this morning felt a lot better.

My lungs still ache and feel a bit itchy today and I'm exhausted. I just wondered if this is all normal (I've only been diagnosed 18 months)? I feel a bit emotional today which is unlike me :( obviously with the new year my doctors are closed until Tuesday and last time I rang them to say I was having asthma trouble they offered me an appointment 6 weeks down the line!

Any advice/reassurance appreciated!

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YES!!! I have had the same several years ago looking after my Mothers house and cat, took me over a week to recover and return to work. Panic and heat will always make your breathing worse.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Thank you, I tried to go about my normal day today but have retired to bed feeling rubbish!! Lol! Lots of rest planned now!

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Hello ,two nights ago I had an asthma attack as well which was really bad as I panicked quite a lot..heart pumping, hot flushes, high blood pressure , not sleeping until 3:30 in the morning...the reason of the panic attack was the fact that all this winter I had chest infection and I started to think of worst scenarios...that I could have lung cancer or so...I’m quite new in this “asthma thing “,diagnosed in 2016 after a pneumonia...sorry if I cannot give any advise but I thought maybe you’ll feel better if you know you’re not the only one experiencing trouble in the new’s year eve ! :)

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do not accept that 6 week talk with gp. they are suppose to see you right away. You may have to be a bit dramatic and say you have just had an attack and need help immediately. Gp is there to keep people from A&E so you may want to remind them of that. Anyway, it's always worth phoning 111. They will ask you questions and if they think you need to be seen they can find an on call gp in the area who can see you before Tuesday. They are very good. I would phone them right away. Do you have a peak flow meter? If so, measure before you call. If not, I would ask for one when you see your gp. Good luck.


Did you suffer from an asthma attack,? Yes, a classic example. Just think, strange house, dust, sleeping on a sofa (which no doubt the dog has been on, leaving fur and dander to be inhaled). Add the stress involved being in a strange house overnight (plus you have no idea what triggers may have been left behind by the previous owners) and you have a perfect recipe for asthma attacks!

I must say you coped well, keeping calm, slowing down you breathing and getting some fresh air is correct, so well done. One small point, sticking you head out on a window from a warm room and inhaling very cold air may not be ideal, sitting upright also helps.

Panic is a natural response to not being able to breath, so too is the sore chest the next day.

So, yep you suffered a asthma attack and coped well, give yourself a gold star!

Have a Happy New Year,


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Thank you for the reply! It’s very reassuring! I feel a lot better today, after a very good nights sleep! Just taking it easy! Happy new year! 😊


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