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Worse chest infection ever

It all started when I went to the doctor and she tested me I can hear a crackle in my lung so she gave me some antibiotics which made me really sick but I thought I'd persevere with them but she thinks I might have pneumonia and I've got to have an x-ray to confirm it but in the meanwhile I've got red for wheezing and chesty cough and and you have to bring up for whatever is in there I've tried all the usual things and steam inhalation for whatever but I just getting so down about it all and I don't seem to be getting any better I've never felt so ill on my life just wondered if there's any advice and you can give me to help me to get over this

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I am normally unable to sleep during the day but when I had pneumonia, I put my pyjamas on and went to bed every afternoon after a light, early lunch. I read until I fell asleep and had a good couple of hours sleep every afternoon. I hope you feel better soon.


Thanks that sounds a good idea to try as sleep is important to getting well.

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Being asthmatic and having a chest infection will knock you sideways and takes ages to get better from (I'm on my second infection in 6 months)... the last one saw me taking high doses of inhaled steroids and two courses of prednisolone for a few months but I was breathless and coughing for the whole time

This one has had me on stronger antibiotics and a longer dose of prednisolone and high doses of inhaled steroids again but I'm also now on a LAMA since the last infection my asthma wouldn't settle without it

Pneumonia is something I've luckily never had so just know that it's worse than a chest infection and would imagine it will take longer to heal

Take it easy



Hi there

I have been suffering with chest and poss bronchitis with asthma

Doc could hear slight crackle and prescribed clarithromycin as had temp too (took 4 doctors visit to finally get help/scrip)

Horrible antibiotic to take but will persevere

Had two weeks steroids defo helped but they not keen to prescribe more due to it lowering immunity

I just bought robitussin expectorant syrup hope this helps mucous


That robitussin is recommended for diabetics it tastes awful but it does work.


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