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chest infection?

ive had a really rough week. It started with the usual chesty cough so i started using more of my blue inhaler accordingly but by Tuesday i was really unwell and had to go to out of hours as i was struggling to talk without terrible chesty cough and a tight chest, my symptons have never been this bad before so this was a new experience for me. I was given antibiotics and oral steriods but by 12 hours later i had to get an emergency appointment with my gp who sent me straight to hospital. They kept me in over night with nebulizer, iv antibiotics. So im 7 days on since that still on steriods and antibiotics and i had to go back to gp this morning as i find im really breathless regardless if i sit still or move around. Because all my check up appeared fine he just extended my steriods and antibiotics for another week. I do feel concerned as i dont normally be this breathless so easy.

Sorry for the long post but has anyone else had something similar?

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Hi there I know been off sick for 4 weeks went doctors with chest infection given steroids and antibiotics still didn’t feel well so called ashma nurse she said as I was struggling to get my breath I should go back to doctors couldn’t get appointment so I went to A&E the doctor I saw gave me another course of steroids and a spacer and up my pumps then the next day I started shaking so I call 111 they sent an ambulance I didn’t go to hospital as they told me I be sitting there all night then by the next week which was last Wednesday I still was not feeling too good so went back to see my doctor who gave me another course of antibiotics which I finished this morning she gave me a form to go to the hospital to have chest X-ray so I know have to wait 2 weeks for results I am better then I was but still coughing I have ashma review on the 11 January is I’ve never been so ill I am off work till the new year as I am a carer

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I feel the mucus on your chest infection is causing more symptoms...Got to get the thick mucus out of your lungs... Try NAC (N-acetylcysteine ) It helps to thin you mucus and other things.

I just replied to someone on my post steps on buteyko.....if you want to read it.

hope you feel better,



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