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A little advice?


I’m 24 and a asthmatic, take fostair 2 puffs, twice a day and montelukast once a day.

The issue... I’ve had a chest infection for 4 weeks. It started with me coughing up red and brown phlegm. Since then I’ve had 3 lots of antibiotics and 1 lot of steroids. The doctors last gave me Erythromycin (2, 4 times a day) before I finished the dose of antibiotics (I had 2 days left) my cough and phlegm colour (yellow with streaks of red) got worse and has remained at that level. It’s waking me up at night, 2-3 times, where I’m coughing and feeling breathless and wheezing, basically feels like my asthma attacks constantly on repeat.

My peak flow has slowly got worse started at 400 and is down to 250.

I’d been sent for a chest X-ray before Christmas but have to wait 2-3 weeks for the result!

I have an appointment with the doctors today but am worried they will fob me off again. My doctor who has been treating me only works Mondays, so it will be a different doctor.

Any advice on what I can do?! Fed up of feeling like I can’t breathe now!

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Hi, Have you given a sample of your phlegm to your surgery to be sent off to identify the infection? They can then prescribe you the most effective antibiotics for the particular bacteria strain involved.


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