New here. Allergic cat lover

Hey all. Merry Christmas!

I was prescribed ventolin 15yrs ago (age 38) dx with asthma related to allergies...I have a very ad jock approach. I do not have a regular GP as I am a Brit living in florida. I love this forum and am learning a lot !! Ty ty ty. Even though I am an educated woman I now realize I am ignorant about my own health and have always sought the quick fix based on a mixture of denial and apathy...

I LOVE cats..unfortunately they are one of my triggers...I find my symptoms are worsening with age..I use my inhaler around 1-4 times per night (that’s when I’m home) I RARELY use it when I’m out of my house cats/dogs/horses..around

Some of my other symptoms are. stomach acid/heartburn

Bruise easily

Vein pain

Tired allllll the time

Are these symptoms typical?

I’m learning ...trying (at 53) to be more proactive in my health

Annie x

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  • I’m allergic to cats, it’s is my biggest trigger and can trigger my allergies for days after being around one.

    I have severe heartburn with my asthma but the docs fobbed it off to acid reflux but I’d liked to know if anyother asthmatic thinks it’s related.

    I would try and get a steroid inhaler to control the symptoms and try an antihistamine when at home to control the allergy, might help the breathlessness.

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. I asked my cousin who has been an asthmatic for 40years. She also suffers stomach acid and takes a daily PPI I’m taking an over the counter Med (omeprazole). I only take it as a reliever ...I have started a antihistamine this week to see if that helps

    Good luck with getting your stomach calmed. There are certain foods I avoid which also helps the situation

  • It could be the other way round, that your heartburn affects your asthma. When I am poorly doctors insist (sort of) that I take omeprasole as well, just in case. I don’t have severe heartburn but it is well recognised as something that can affect asthma.

  • Wow! Thanks for that info. Ok I’ll keep my stomach calm ..perhaps it will work for my breathing . Keeping a log to track symptoms 😉

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