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Allergy test

So I was diagnosed with asthma in 2016 when I was 22/23 after having a persistent cough for 3 years. I’ve recently been poorly which is now lingering as a persistent cough again but this time worse. I know that smoke defiently sets off my asthma but now wondering if there are other triggers such as pets, we’ve had a dog for 6 year but the last year or so I find myself coughing a lot more when I’m around the dog and he is a short fur shedder! So question, how easy is it to get an allergy test done on the NHS? Do you have to of tried other things before or done other tests beforehand?

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hi, try otc allergy tablets, if they work great, if they dont go and see gp, in my sons case it a long lengthy experience, have you spoke with asthma nurse ?


My friend has a child with asthma and allergies. Suffers with anaphylaxis sometimes, so epi pen given. BUT nhs refused allergy tests and she is only 4 yrs old. Absolutely shocking. Had to go private. Try some antihistamines first of all, if they dont work maybe montelukast from gp would be worth a try

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I’m asthmatic and am allergic to dogs and cats. It can make my asthma incredibly bad and trigger attacks.

I’ve had an allergy test done on the nhs. As the allergy was affecting my breathing.

I’m on a daily antihistamine and montelukast.


My Asthma worsened after recent move to new flat. GP told me maybe 18 month wait for Allergy consultation. ..if lucky.

Found a private Allergy clinic at 60 Wimpole Street in London. Skin and IgE blood tests done same day. Turned out to be previous owners cat....apparently what ever they shed...sticks around for a long time!

Extensive deep clean eased symptoms somewhat but can't seem to rid all of it. Maybe redecoration will finally sort things.


It does seem to vary from area to area as to what is available on the NHS. I managed to see NHS specialist GP who did skin prick tests. My son had a recent severe allergic reaction and was referred to an NHS specialist. They seem to do only a basic panel of skin prick tests. Trying to exclude likely culprits may help to narrow possibilities down. Action Against Allergy and Allergy UK organisations may be able to help.

I am allergic to cat and dog fur (we used to have both). My son, who has a cat and was tested, is not allergic to the cat but dust mite. A test definitely helps you to identify cause.

Nowadays when visiting family with pets I find that if they use Petal Cleanse spray (from "Healthy House") on the dog / cat before I visit it reduces allergen, but I had private allergy test done which included cat and dog allergens. (I have multiple allergies, but only a few effect my asthma, including mould and some pollens plus cats and dogs.) If you stroke them does it make you itch? If the answer is yes then you are definitely allergic - don't put hand near eyes afterwards as they can react badly. An anithistimanine will lessen reaction. But get advice.


I found that allergy tests were a bit of a waste of time. This is because as asthma changes so do your allergies!! Stay off cows milk, even though you may not be allergic to it, it is mucus forming. Wheat has also changed, so unless you can get spelt or gluten free then again avoid.

My journey is based on diet, exercise and reducing toxins from the body is the key. I am afraid to say my research has shown that the food industry is just as bad as the drugs industry. For example did you know Kraft were owned by Phillip Morris. Yes the cigarette company their motto was cigarettes are good for you because they are relaxing!

hope this helps


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