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A common asthma trigger??

Hey everyone my name is camie and I live in the East of England and I have suffered from asthma since I was really little it and developed from hooping cough I had one winter. So does anyone else find car exhaust smoke a irritant for their asthma? because it really upsets mine. i am finding just lately having to use my inhaler every time I go outside, so I was just wondering is it just me or is this common among other asthma suffers?

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Absolutely yes. Car exhaust fumes will irritate your lungs, make you cough and cause breathing difficulties.

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Yes, Have to wear something over my face if I go outside, petrol/diesel/lpg/ its all the same to my chest, which isnt great at best of times.



Yep, vehicle exhaust fumes can be a nasty trigger so never go out without an inhaler. I also live in the East of England (Lincs), we are surrounded by fields and crop spraying time can be a real ordeal, also the pollen that comes of the yellow grape seed plants can make life a misery ... thank heaven for double glazing!!

Merry Xmas,



Ooh yes, though with me the worst triggers are: cigarette smoke (I do not and never have smoked but its the "slip streams" left by smokers as well as their personal smoke clouds when near me); perfumes (see "slip streams" and "perfume clouds"); Sprays such as cleaning sprays and the perfumes in them; Printer exhaust fumes (the big multiprinters); dust in general and pertinent to your post, bus fumes! Car ones are less of an issue as they are much cleaner now in general but Bus fumes are awful as are motorcycle and lorry fumes.

In winter I go around with a scarf I can breathe through which may filter a bit. A mask would be better. I also get very good at looking ahead and around me for any possible trigger and holding my breath till it or I go past. Its not easy though as I can only hold my breath for about 30 seconds before panicking!

I too am in Suffolk.

Anyway, its not just you. Its VERY common. Do speak to your Asthma Nurse though. All the above for me was indicating hypersensitivity. I'm on Montelukast though no idea if its actually working as I started a severe chest infection last week just before starting the Montelukast (and that infection landed me in A&E!).



live in the east midlands exhaust fumes set off my asthma 2


I’m exactly the same! As well as that- temparature spray and smoke also set me off.. mostly the cold air or being in a new environment


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