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Brown Inhaler

My daughter is 5, she had a stubborn cough and raised allergy makers in August this year. Our GP gave her a brown inhaler which made the cough go within 6 weeks, we agreed that we would stop the inhaler and see how she did. She then got a cold again in October, so we started the inhaler again and the cough went. About a month ago she started coughing on waking then she started with a slight sniffle so I started her on the inhaler again and it has helped to settle her cough down again. Silly Question: Does this mean she has asthma? The GP told me there is no real test at this age and the use of an inhaler is the main way of diagnosis. Thanks.

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Agree with doc, they don't diagnose that young, my daughter was very bad up to age 6, up so many nights with her, because Singulair Ventolin, neubiler. I've asthma so assume she had too. She didn't. 10 now all stopped. Never sick. No inhalers.. nothing anymore. But she had loads up age 6. Then suddenly nothing. Follow docs advice .. they know.

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