Med-Fit Micro-Neb Rechargeable Portable Mesh Nebuliser

Med-Fit Micro-Neb Rechargeable Portable Mesh Nebuliser

Hi all..

I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with a Med-Fit Micro-Neb Rechargeable Portable Mesh Nebuliser? it's fully charged and everything is connected. the problem my wife is having that when she switches it on it lights up but then nothing. I have taken off the liquid chamber and re connected it, but again nothing.. Even tried it being plugged in but still the same. Does anyone have any ideas what else I can try please?

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  • I don't have this particular Nebuliser, but I have an ultrasonic mesh Nebuliser. You need to first make sure you have read the instructions carefully, then read them again so you fully understand them. The Nebuliser I have needs to be on an angle so that the medicine in the chamber gets to where the vaporising parts are. Also, it will not work if the medicine gets onto the bit you must not set (sorry, can't remember the technical names for the parts). I hope some of that helps.

  • Hi try cleaning off the little metal piece that the medicine comes out of. Its located in the front, take the mouth piece off and you will see it. Rub it with a cloth. If that doesn't work you will need to get a new one but a different kind, I ended up sending mine back it did the same thing. Many blessing.

  • Please read the manual again and related operate.Even though the light is on you still need to press the button for it to function.

    lf you do that it doesn't work, probably your wife has mistakingly touched the mesh. l had one which worked for a while before it packed up when l by error directly wiped the mesh.

    l hope you'll find this useful

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