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Air trapping or something else? What can be done

Hello everyone I am wondering if what I have could be asthma about 8 years ago I started feeling like I couldn’t breath it literally came on me out of nowhere all of a sudden I was aware of every breath I take and feel like I have to push air out of my lungs with every single exhalation this has been ongoing every day since 8 years ago I have seen pulmonologist and had chest X-rays from scan and spirometer testing pft’s and the only thing that they found was air trapping significantly elevated on my pft I used an inhaler for a while but didn’t seem to work (ventolin) I never get through a day where I am not aware of my breathing this uncomfortable feeling in my chest tightness and the the airways feel tight like in my neck area where the Adam’s apple would be it feels shut there with slight weezing I also cough a lot and have always kinda had lingering coughs for weeks maybe months at a time. I have been told that I don’t Asthma but I feel like I have a pretty severe disabling lung condition that has been missed this problem causing me extreme anxiety sadnesss irritability and it has changed everything about me I can’t work or really be functioning the way I should be at 39! It has taken over my life the constant thinking about my breathing and pushing the air out of my lungs hundred upon hundreds times a day! I just wish I could forget about this breathing problem I have let my body go because of the depression and anxiety I have over this and I am obese at 260lbs and only 5’2 female so I think that my weight might contribute to the breathlessness I also have very large breasts that make me feel like I’m suffocating every minute of the day! I think this contributes to my diaghram not working properly but I don’t really know I have never had an actual asthma attack just the constant symptoms that never ever go away it’s Terrible living like this I just wish I could find some relief and I really want To know if anyone else experienced this feeling of having to

Push air out of their lungs not breathing rhythmically at all and constantly aware of every breath you take! Thank you for reading this post

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Until I was prescribed my preventer inhaler I coughed just as you describe. I've never had the breathing problems you talk about, but I understand that it is a symptom of asthma in some people. I suggest you have a chat with the asthma uk nurses who will be able to advise you.

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