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Share your story - better NHS care

Hi there,

We're going to be running a campaign in the new year and calling on all GPs to give people with asthma the basic care they are entitled to and for the NHS to make sure they stick to clear guidelines on diagnosing patients as we know lots of people don't get good support from their healthcare team.

This is a topic a lot of people post about here, so if you are willing to talk with our media team and share your experience (photo and potentially talk to the media), please reply to this thread or email Anna on amauremootoo@asthma.org.uk to find out how you can help.



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hi Diya

I had a very bad cons appointment last week I didn't even get a chest x-ray or bloods taken even though have been ill for 6 weeks with a chest infection and 2 lots of antibiotics and a month of pred hasn't cleared it. so I am more then happy to help.



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