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Hi. I'm new to asthma. It all started with a cold , cough which I couldn't get rid. It took two weeks to get a doctor appointment, by which this time i became quite poorly. Doctor gave me an inhaler, but still I didn't improve, took another week to see the doctor. Came away with antibiotics and steroid tablets, but that night I started to wheez and struggle to breath. next day I rang shrop doc and got an emergency doctor appointment. Doctor sent me to hospital and then I had a type 2 respiratory failure. I was put in an induced coma, which lasted 6 days. That was may, I'm still regaining strength and recovering, but I'm now an asthmatic. I have had a chest infection every month since, and several astma attacks. I'm educating myself with the triggers, managing my inhalers and learning how to manage my condition.

But I'm beginning to get really sad and down with losing my energy and miss walking up the mountains, suffer with anxiety and petrified of going into another coma.

Im a single mom of 2 dependents. I work full time and money is always tight.

Has anyone on here experience induced coma and recovered fully?

Thank you in anticipation


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  • Has anyone given you a nebulizer treatment with nebulized medication? I destabilized totally this year and am now controlled on the following : 8 am : Mucinex 1200 tablet + theophylline 100 capsule, 9 am duoneb ampule via nebulizer followed by peak flow and then 2 puffs qvar 80, 8 pm same as 8 am, 9 pm same as 9 am, 10 pm montelukast 10 mg tablet. Also use Flonase Sensamist as needed.

    Asthma is reversible with the right meds - that's why it's asthma.

    The wait for doctors to see you cost you in terms of inflammation.

    It can take a while to recover from a severe exacerbation as well as from steroid pills and shots.

    Your immune system may be very susceptible especially to flu and secondary infections. Antibiotics can get you through it.

    Beware - don't just open the lungs with a dilator - always follow up with a steroid. Otherwise, your lungs are temporarily opened so you feel better but you are accumulating more and more inflammation - a sudden emergency when the dilator wears off.

    If an allergist is not controlling you see a pulmonologist - they see COPD as well.

    Yes, you can feel better, but it's the right combination of doctors, meds, rest, decreasing stress, and time.

  • Purchase a true heppa air purifier for your residence, at minimum where you sleep. Allergy proof your home as best you can. I am triggered by chemicals so I dust with damp cloth only. I had to stop tinting my hair, doing my nails, and wearing perfume. When I go outside I wear those disposable face masks the sell in pharmacies and you see healthcare workers wear. That protects against outdoor pollution and pollen. Allergy shots might help you.

    You say you have asthma but did anyone tell you if it is allergic or nonallergic asthma.

    You can get IgE blood test as well as full immunoglobulin testing in case you have an immune system problem.

    Allergy skin testing can show up something that is triggering you. Then you can try to avoid it.

  • Do laundry with fragrance free gentle products. I have a Seventh Generation Free and Clear home.

    Bedding needs to be laundered and dried on hot to kill dust mites.

    Vacuuming if you have a rug is very hard on asthma but the rug does need to be kept clean. It is a source of mold and dust mites. Some vacuums have heppa air filters.

    Wear a hat when you are outside to keep pollen off your hair and off your pillow.

    Seal all bedding - pillows, mattress, box spring at minimum in allergy proof dust mites proof covers.

    Air vents for heat and air conditioning should have air filters that are changed or cleaned periodically.

  • Oops .. sorry .. I have never had coma of any kind, but it sounds like you are in a chronic bronchitis phase and should see a pulmonologist. You also sound like you should apply for disability, possibly permanent.

  • Anxiety is really common with lung problems - understandably I think. Try and nanage that too as it can quickly get a grip and make your breathing feel worse which then becomes a vicious circle. I know how worrying it is every time your breathing changes you fear the worst. Other people have made some good suggestions, Good luck and stay with us for support x

  • Hi Kerrie,

    I know only too well how you feel, since the age of 20yrs I have been vented periodically 5 Times, the longest being 3months whilst pregnant with my only child(for obvious reasons)he’s now 20! Put to sleep @3mths & woke @6.5mths with a bump, very scary:(

    I found the shorter the time on life support the easier to recover, but it gets harder as I get older, but my point is, there if life after ICU!

    More recently I was put on Kenalog for over a yr whilst they waited for new therapies to be approved, yes for first 6mths it felt like I’d been cured, back in the gym, horse-riding, but suddenly I got the onset of side-effects, gross muscle waste, adrenal fatigue, cataract to name a few, so personally I would of avoided it had I been made aware of the long term effects,

    I was then trialed on the new injections, you know the ones, the first had no effect, the second maybe some but I had to stop it after the 2nd shot as I got a severe allergic eczema reaction, something else I’ve been left with!

    But inbetween all this I do get some times of rest-bite, maybe not in my families eyes but you learn to live the ‘milder days’ when your able to do normal stuff, maybe not stuff that was normal for you before, I can’t do a hill let alone a mountain, but I can potter around a gym & do some light weights, I can’t do cardio but I Can do yoga, your life isn’t over it’s just different;) I push myself on the good days & rest on the bad, it becomes ‘your Normal,

    It’s very important you get a good medical team behind you & push for all the tests to establish your “type” I’m both A&B and allergic to Aspergillosis (airborne mould) as well as citrus, food colourings(reds), MSG-Chinese food!, cold weather, the list goes on but I’ve had this 40yrs I know my body, and you will learn your triggers too,

    The more times on life support the more your lungs get damaged, so the minute you get a cold, go see GP for Antibiotics/Steroids because your lungs are susceptible to bugs now, that cold WILL go on your chest, if you don’t improve & “your asthma” feels like it’s worsening get yourself to A&E you’ve been vented once you can’t take any chances, let them make the decisions, just because you’ll have other attacks/flair ups doesn’t mean you’ll end up in ICU again!

    Push for testing & for different therapies if you feel no benefit, it’s trial & error as we’re all different as is our asthma, for the asthma I’m on Phyllocontin225mg, Spiriva, Relvar, Mucodyne, Ventolin inhaler/nebs, Prednisolone, there’s a list of other things for my other problems now caused by the Kenalog but hopefully that will never be suggested for you,

    Kerrie, learn about your Asthma, the type, the triggers, the medication & though I’m not going to say it’s easy, it is manageable and it’s not a life sentence as long as you don’t let it beat you, your life is different not over, I’m a “Brittle Astmatic” with Un-manageable symptoms & I've never give up or let it beat me, use that determination you had to climb those mountains to get through the bad days & enjoy the good days as best and as much as you can, you will get down, it’s hard for you because you were very active & obviously fit, but with the right therapy & management you still can be, there’s athletes with asthma!

    Your lucky there wasn’t half the therapies 30/40yrs ago that there are now, with far less side effects, so be positive, you’ve got two beautiful children that need you, you can learn to control this & not let it control you, good luck stay strong and well😘

    PS, I’ve been registered disabled since age 17 & as such get financial assistance, speak to Citizens Advise, you should be eligible for help👍🏻

  • Thank you, I will do my research. It's so helpful to have this advise and knowledge. X

  • Hi, I feel for you. I've not had an induced coma so can't help there but had a few anaesthetics and felt awful for weeks afterwards.

    Your body has had a traumatic time. Mine did when my mild asthma took a downturn & had 2 x pleurisy & 5 x pneumonia in 18-24 months. Then continual chest infection for 5 months, October - March '13. All that completely smashed my immune system. I thought my life as I knew it was over. Thankfully, it wasn't. I've rebuilt my immune system, sail every year, travel to France 6 times a year (to son & family) amongst other things. I've moved out of London & my asthma has much improved, Good medication means I can climb the local hills with perhaps one ventolin puff on the way.

    Steroids and antibiotics can make you feel absolutely dreadful. I take a 20 billion probiotic daily to get back all the good bacteria which is essential for immune system.

    I wish you all the best, it can take a while to get the right medication for you - we're all different. Knowledge is the key & there's so much to learn. Peege

  • What is the awareness like in London and UK in general regarding smoking and second hand smoke, as well as air pollution? These are major factors in respiratory disease. I ask because a move out of London helped.

  • Hi, well it's definitely getting better. Smoking is banned in places of work in all of the UK including pubs, bars, restaurants. The flip side of that is that workers smoke on the street in groups 😷! To drive in to central London we must pay a 'congestion charge', £20 a day I think. London black cabs are are all diesel as are buses, all the delivery lorries & most vans. A bit of a pain. The government is encouraging people to buy petrol cars instead of diesel with incentives. We have gas powered cars in Europe, electric ones plus the hybrid ones (petrol/gas). England is so tiny, densely populated in cities with major roads never too far away. In UK there are laws against driving vehicles with dirty emissions.

    I lived in green leafy Wimbledon which wasn't too bad so I'm surprised by my improvement after moving only 120 miles west (another 120 & I'd be falling off a Welsh cliff)!

    Hope this helps you get a picture. 😃 where do you live?

  • California. I always feel best right at the ocean. Inland pollution can be very bad. Right now there is pollution from the fires.

  • Climbing hills and sailing, i feel a bit more positive now having just been recently diagnosed and reading your feedback has made me more positive to get my meds sorted and get exercising and start to live my life again,


  • I should have mentioned, not so many hill walks in this weather at the moment ⛄️⛄️💥

  • Wow! What a story! Here's what I DON'T UNDERSTAND about this sudden onset of asthma: doctors (my doctors) all treat it as a diagnosis. By this I mean, I went in 4 months ago with asthma, trying to find out why. 4 months and 2 doctors and thousands $$ later, the diagnosis is "You have asthma." BUT WHY???? HOW CAN I NOT HAVE IT? WHAT CAUSES IT? WHY DID I NOT HAVE IT AND NOW HAVE IT? Do we want to put all our energy into managing it, or don't we want to find out WHAT'S WRONG WITH OUR BODIES?

  • I ask the same questions. X

  • Thanks guys. Just back from work. Il read all your comments after feeding the kids

  • Hi Kerrie,

    Everyone has given some excellent advice in all areas. Your immune system has had a gigantic hit and you will now need to do what you can to strengthen your immune system again. Looking after your gut with probiotics is a good start but keep investigating for what works with you.

  • Hi Kerrie hope you get better soon I was put to sleep for a week last November as I was rushed in hospital with life threatening asthma which I didn’t know I had I also got pneumonia and septis while in hospital I was really worried about going back in a coma it’s Natural to think that when you have been there it’s took me a long time to fully recover but u will get there x

  • Hi. Good to hear that you have recovered. Do you have asthma now? I'm determined to rebuild my immune system, and get fit again. But I am getting really down with being unwell so often.

  • Yes kerrie1 I do have asthma and am allergic to dust and other things but now I know what triggers it I try and avoid it x

  • Thank you all for your comments. It took me a while to build the confidence to write anything on here. It's really helped me. I had another asthma attack last night. I'm pleased to say that I was able to manage it with my inhalers. The doctor has now given me montelukast tablets.

    I do have my own nebuliser, which I would only use while waiting for the paramedics.

    I'm working on strengthening my immune system, and core exercises. I'm also waiting for,a,wellbeing appointment as I get tearful too.

    Wishing you all well too.

  • Montelukast will help your asthma loads I’ve had the tablet over a year now and very rare need my blue inhaler and cough free good luck keep us all updated x

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