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Is it an asthma cough?

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Hi everyone.

Just wanted to ask how do you know if it's an asthma cough?

My daughter is 7 & has asthma. She is on the lowest dose of clenil 2 puffs morning & night.

Recently she has had a persistent cough. For at least 3 weeks. She sleeps with 3 pillows at night to try & alleviate it at night. Occasionally she will reach from coughing but there is no fever, no congestion just the coughing which has caused the odd day off school as she tired & fed up.

Kept waiting for some cold to turn up until another mum said it sounded like an asthma cough?

As soon as she said it, it made more sense as she not 'ill' as such, could the cold be causing it?

Also how on earth can you tell if it's an asthma cough?

Any info greatly appreciated

5 Replies

If you suspect it's an asthma cough it might be worth giving her some ventolin and see if that brings itogether back under control.... but as it's been ongoing for three weeks you should really see gp


You should see her gp. My daughter had a couple of chest infections without any fever. She was just feeling ill and weak.


Hi Flowergirl78

I asked the nurses your question, and they suggested that the asthma cough is normally quite dry, if you’ve noticed she's coughing more, especially at night

and it's not a cold and as suggested, if the ventolin helps then it's likely to be asthma-related. There's more information about coughs in kids here:

Hope that helps,



Thank you for the replies. It is a dry cough & there is no sign of a cold. It is worse at night & when out in the cold. Walking to school she coughed all the way. Even with my scarf wrapped over her mouth & nose & she said she didn't want to talk to me as it made her cough more (I can't normally get her to stop!). The school said they would keep her in at break today & I am waiting for the doctors to phone me back to speak to them about it. So hopefully will know more soon.


Just an update. The doctor wanted to see her & confirmed it is her asthma & has currently upped her clenil to 4 puffs twice a day & ventolin to 4 puffs four times a day until it's under control. Thanks everyone for your help 😊

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