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What new hobbies would you like to start in the new year?

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Its been suggested to me I need to find some new hobbies to take my mind of my brittle asthma condition & I wondered what others did with lung conditions?

I already go the gym twice a week & sing in a community choir, I'm also looking for volunteering opportunities (I've applied to Citizens Advice) I provide a few hrs admin for hubby's business at home so something out of the house would be brill.

Thank you in advance for reading this.

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How about bell ringing? Challenges your mind! It keeps you fit. There is a lovely social aspect to it (pubs!). Certainly takes my mind of my asthma.

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Sounds a lovely past time, unfortunately our local church meets when my hubby is away & the other church in the next village only has one ring so sounds a bit morbid!!

We are lucky enough to iive near the sea and I walk along the embankment looking at the view. It is by the Mersey estuary and there is a beautiful blue flag beach. The ground is flat and the air is good as it seems to blow from the Welsh hills.

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Sounds like a holiday destination, lovely!

Do you like Art/ craft things? like photography? I think with asthma its quite good to have challenges. Like may be take a photo every day/week for a year that documents your asthma. Write a blog. why not take an evening class in something you've always wanted to try? Or perhaps embark on a OU degree in a subject that fascinates.

I don't know you, but I think the thing that keeps me focused on a project is having a goal. sometimes it helps to have small goals that are easily attainable, rather than impossible challenges that are never going to be completed.



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i do like the photo idea & have started taking them today, thank you.

One of the very best exercises for asthma

is swimming in a heated pool

The exercise helps the breathing

The weight of the body is lighter in the water

You are breathing warm moist air on top of the water



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I just seem to cough so much with exercise, but i can see how it would benefit people with asthma, thank you.

I find photography is great even if your not feeling up to much. Something to think about and can be done pretty much anywhere, anytime. Inside or outside. Night or day. There are also loads of techniques to learn and experiment with. I love taking the camera for a walk in the fresh, clears the head and chest. It also doesn’t need to cost a bomb. You can do it with a basic phone camera to start with, or treat yourself to a DSLR :)

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Thank you, will look up DSLR!

What a great question! I have other health issues as well as asthma but there are several hobbies which I dip in and out from home which really help.

When I was still reasonably well I attended a creative writing course of eight weeks (only one day a week). This set me on the path of finding others interested in writing on-line, but there are many groups around the country and OU courses. I have always enjoyed sewing and now make small felt gifts every year for family and friends.

A real joy was leaving a camera at the top of the stairs (I was housebound at the time) and taking a photo of the view from the window. I now have a series of great photos taken over a period of time; changing weather, changing skies.

My other joy is belonging to an on-line group of people interested in contemplative Christian spiritual reflections. These are totally inclusive and draw from all faith traditions.

Hope you find something you enjoy and which gives you what you need at this time.

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Thank you, i must get back into sewing again, I do ejoy dressmaking when i'm in the mood.

I think the person who told you that is missing the point that you're already too busy and the stress could be aggravating your asthma terribly. Work on getting more sleep and relaxation techniques. Try taking up a musical instrument in a no pressure way. The guitar is great for acupressure on the finger tips.

Look at your diet and try preparing meals with lots of broccoli and less inflammatory foods. Most of all, slow down mind and body. Discover the things that bring you calm. Learn to say no. Discover prayer.

This is, of course, my perspective based on my life experience only.

God bless.

Thank you, I do meditate from time to time, probably should practice more I suppose. I'll try adding more broccoli to my diet too,

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