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Using a lot of salbutamol during asthma attacks

Hi I was just wondering how much salbutamol you use to recover from an asthma attack. My daughter is just 7 years, she never coped well with using 2 puffs every 2 minutes, or 1 puff every minute. She now has 1 puff every 10 seconds for upto around 20-25 puffs. This is the only way to get her well quickly and prevent a further asthma attack within 30 minutes. Just wondered if anyone else has found this, as everywhere states no more than 10 puffs. My doctor does know and is happy as she comes out of her asthma attack which tend to be severe and then is given emergency steroids without complications. But just interested if anyone else has this many doses during an asthma attack?

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I don't think it's a usual method of taking salbutamol: Perhaps it is meant to mimic the action of a nebuliser. She should take it through a spacer and calm her breathing down as much as she can - I know that sounds impossible, but even a bit will help. You might try talking it through with your asthma nurse who should know more about it than I do. I also think it depends on why your daughter keeps getting these attacks - the idea is to prevent them happening, after all.


Hi thankyou for reply.. The only way to get her out of an asthma attack is to give so much salbutamol which her doctors and asthma nurse is aware of. I just wondered if this was the case of other people, have read that a lot of people only take a few puffs to come out of an attack which is why I wondered.. My daughter is a very well controlled asthmatic until shes not, she has been classed as a brittle asthmatic recently but was just interested if anyone else takes so much, thankyou for reply


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