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Asthma or Wooping Cough


My daughter has had Asthma since she was born and has not had an issue for almost 2 years. However it is back full force and we are dealing with other health issues as well. There was a test done today to test for for wooping cough, but I never knew the difference between them. It is very scary. Within the last week we have taken 4 trips to the doctors and now 2 to the ER. Is there anything as a parent that I can do to help her feel better? And how long does this last?

Her cough is really really harsh and she is having trouble breathing afterwards. As said we have been dealing with her and asthma since birth so we totally know those signs. However this is a very harsh one, she can't seem to regain her breathing after, and very very tired after a coughing fit. Telling me she is cold then hot then cold again.

Please if anyone can help, please tell me. I am starting to get really nervous for my baby girl.

Thank You


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Sometimes an asthma attack sounds very much like whooping cough. When I am really bad I sound as though I am whooping and throw up etc. I was vaccinated against whooping cough as a little kid, but I have diagnosed with Whooping cough 4 times in my life!!! So think it was probably the asthma.

I do hope your daughter is better soon




Hi Rosa35

Welcome to the forum. I asked the Asthma UK nurse team your question and Helen has said: If your daughter has difficulty in breathing with or without a cough, taking them to the GP or A&E is the right action to take. They may need immediate treatment to keep them safe. There are a number of respiratory conditions that can cause difficulty in breathing and or coughing. The doctors need to determine the cause of your daughter's symptoms and then they can give you further advice, based upon the cause of the symptoms.

There's information here on signs of an asthma attack here: bit.ly/2tVXCSO

Do give the Asthma nurse team a call on 0300 222 5800 (M-F, 9-5) for advice and support.

Take care,



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