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Changes in my asthma

Hi, I have had asthma since a young child. I have been v lucky and it hasn't affected me badly. It has always been triggered by common things like allergies and cold weather. I am in great admiration of those on this forum who have a really bad time with it.

I had a virus last Christmas which meant I was given prednisolone, a new steroid inhaler, had a chest x-ray and blood test. I now use Forstair. I feel like the virus has changed my asthma- any tightness I get is much higher up in my lungs ( where your sternum is) and is much 'heavier' feeling. Has anyone else felt like their asthma has changed? Luckily a friend went through a similar experience with a virus the previous year, as the gp's were useless. Thanks, Jo

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My asthma has changed as to much as now I am under the care of a respiratory consultant now since this last flare up and two asthma attacks. Trigger was the change in the weather in October coupled with damp washing I was away and came home to a living room filled with damp washing which my husband had done, Please note that he had no intention of setting off my asthma he wanted just to get some washing dry. The dampness and humity of the last 4 weeks hasn't helped and the nasal discharge which I thought was a cold has irritated my airways. I am on a nasal steriod inhaler for that. It's taken 3 weeks of steriod to get better so yes quite a change for me.

I am now on as well as seretide 250 2 puffs twice a day, monkelaust and added in by my GP fixotide 250 2 puffs twice a day.

I had my blood tested for allergen and waiting to have breathing tests in January.

Like you I feel my chest being sore in my upper airways. No wheeze and peak flow rock solid. I definitely know when my lungs are reacting by what I feel in my higher part of my chest.

So all in all a definite change why I don't know exactly hence the need for consultant to led care for my allergic asthma. Trigger are lots of things including this cold weather.

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I have been the same steroids inhalers I was at hospital 4times coughing still got cough ,usually I got seasonal asma my doctor says but I was ill mine was in throat and chest take care Hun get well soon xxx


I can sympathize. I caught the virus that was going around last Christmas and my asthma has not been the same since.The biggest difference being that I developed nasal symptoms as well post nasal drip etc. I agree my problems are much higher in the chest around my breast bone and lower throat and always during flares I feel it as a tightness and weight I also don't wheeze. My upper chest feels sore almost like a virus but with out the temperature. This makes it very frustrating when dealing with GP's as it is always no wheeze no attack which is rubbish. I am struggling at the moment as have just had another viral infection which is my trigger usually and finding getting my GP practice to take me seriously a real struggle. You begin to feel like you are making it up which, to be frank I wish I was, as at least then it would go away.


I think if you don't wheeze and your peak flow is rock solid then you are a m mystery to doctors. I been told by asthma UK helpline nurses that it's my upper airways that are inflamed, Now as they said this I am comfortable with that diagnosis. Asthma doesn't always present with all the things expected. That's puzzles ordinary doctors.

My asthma nurse is very good and as I am beyond her knowledge she can help me in what she knows. E.g my asthma plan has an amber section for when things get worse and what to do. I can't double my inhalers as they don't have this in them. However I can go to no 2 step which is taking Prednisolone tablets. I have only taken them for asthma attack.

I think when it comes down to it its educationing yourself as much as you can and that means knowing yourself really well. Watching for the signs you are getting better or getting worse.

I always talk to asthma UK helpline nurses if I am unsure about something. This may be after an appointment with my doctor or now my consultant,. It's how we deal with it is important. Forearm is forewilled.


Thanks for your reply. It's reassuring to hear people going through similar symptoms etc. Wishing you well. Jo


Yes, me, too. I had a nasty virus early in 2016, which certainly made my asthma a lot worse. And, yes, I now react on things I never did before, like smoke, some fragrances, oil based paints and such. And since my cold last september, when I had a significant flare, I now also seem to react on cold outdoor temperatures. I do hope that one will go away - I grew up in a place where 25 below zero was not unusual in winter and had never had those kinds of problems. And I am still learning, daily, like what things irritate, being aware of how I react (I have a track record of not noticing and/or not taking myself seriously). And last but by no mean least learning to speak out for myself when there is an issue. I hate inconveniencing others. But I am learning. I have to.

Best to you, too, to learn all these things.


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