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subacute hypersensitive pneumonitis(hp)

Hello. my mother aged 58 years is diagnosed with subacute hypersensitive pneumonitis(hp) a month ago and is on corticosteroid 60mg/day alongwith calcium tablets. The concerned doctors have advised to leave the hometown and shift to some new place but is not so easy for us. Further she has become quite weak inside and unable to move just 20 steps. I wish to know how the allergen can be identified and if some better treatment is available in medical science.would the use of air purifiers and vacuum cleaners be beneficial for her. Please help

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It's impossible for me to say as this is a site specifically for asthma and mainly in the UK - I think you might be in the US. If so, look at lung.org which is the American Lung Asscociation. Your doctor should be able to arrange allergy tests and advice.

I know some people are convinced by the benefits of air purifiers, but you would need to speak to people near you who have one for a reasonable view.

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I'd not heard of this and as Chrissie has said this forum covers asthma. However as I have allergies I took a look and found this US website, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute which has a lot of information about it. nhlbi.nih.gov/health/health...

If they are suggesting moving presumably they think something in the home is causing the problem, but without knowing what is then your mother could move somewhere that is no better! We moved to the countryside thinking I'd be better away from polluted town, but I'm allergic to birch, hazel, grass and weeds - so my asthma got worse. (Tests I had for it were skin prick tests on NHS and RAST blood test privately).

US website on allergy tests - acaai.org/allergies/treatme...

I'd go back to the doctor - or write or phone - and ask why they are suggesting she moves and what substances does she need to avoid. Seems a drastic way to treat something and you need to know what the problem is.

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