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Anyone prescribed DHEA for Hormonal Imbalace (‘’possibly’’ resulting from Steroid use) or even to directly help with Asthma?

Guessing that an Endocrinologist would have to first test Patient’s DHEA Level then - if found to be low - prescribe either DHEA or maybe it’s Parent Hormone.

Interested to know if anyone has used it and gained any definite benefits by doing so.

Thanks in anticipation of any response.

PS The below 2014 Article made me curious about DHEA (and is all I really know about the subject)


Oh, and also the following article.


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Hi Matman,

I take DHEA, as part of a hormone package for menopause. It is prescribed for me based on blood tests and with 3 other hormones. My doctor didn't necessarily think that it would improve my asthma as I asked that question. However he does believe that it is an important part of the hormone profile and if you have low levels they should be boosted. I have been taking it for nearly 5 years, and I have to say that my asthma has been pretty rocky during that time, although I have had a golden period in the last 5 months, and have not had such a continuous being well period in ages. (crossing fingers it continues.)

One of the things known about adult onset asthma, (although that is not mine) is that it is more common in women often around menopause. So I think that DHEA could well be a factor in improving symptoms, and hopefully doctors test people.




Thanks for that. DHEA Testing seems to be advocated for both Genders by some Authorities, where other hormone imbalance may be an issue due (possibly) to steroid use. Sorry it doesn’t seem to have made much difference to your Asthma. As (like many) I currently use steroids quite frequently, I’m actively exploring ideas that might help compensate for the issues that arise due to steroid usage. Will spend a bit more time looking into DHEA, in case it proves to be a valid compensator for steroid use.


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